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We can grow tomatoes on Mars, but we can't 100% recycle on Earth?

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Landfill Mole
We can grow tomatoes on Mars,
but we can't 100%Recycle on earth?

1964 didn't use landfill bottom liners.
Sealed lid ontop, cooks mercury methane lead gas, pushing hot metals deep downward into aquifer water table, where else can it go?

You can close it, but you can't walk away
from mercury lead methane leaching into aquifers, sooner or later it has no where to go but into your water.
"Main Hill" and "Southeast Pit" have no bottom liner, everything is leaching deep into water table aquifers. Only way to catch it requires CleanOutLandfill.

Boeing's lagoon 2016 report,
it takes 25 years, in 2056 that lagoon will be leaching lead metal methane into the drinking water table. If it takes 25 years, how long will it take CedarHillsLandfill "Main Hill" and "Southeast Pit" with no bottom liner since 1964, (60 years ago) to leach mercury?

Lead Poison PROOF!
Main Hill and Southeast pit do not have bottom liner, 1964 they dumped directly on the ground. NOW 60 years later, this area is topped with a sealed over-layment lid cooking, it can only drain down causing water table aquifer and ground water to warm.

Smell that smell? That's mercury vaporized led methane gas in the air.Floating in your air space. If that isn't the Landfill odor, then what is it?

BIRDS "swoop and shoo" keeps all pesky birds away humanely.

How much methane escapes into aquifers? "Waste to gas" collects 10,000 CFPM (square feet every minute 24/7). How can waste to gas collection catch all methane gas through perforated spaced pipes? It's impossible, ask your plumber.

Today Chinook listed federal endangered, because Chinook are not returning to spawn. Like a gold minors canary, this too is a first sign the water table is both being poisoned and warming, Chinook hereditary return to where they were born, but with Landfill leaching poison, Chinook are drugged and confused where to return, or why are Chinook dying in the ocean and not returning? Next will be KC drinking water wells become poisoned. Children will get sick and we'll research why. The problem only escalates until is cleaned out now, it will take 30 years at 240 tones per hour. Clean out now or how do you clean your drinking water deep in the water table aquifers later?
Share $100 NOW or it may never happen
Share $100 NOW or it may never happen
EZ 1-2-3 Recipe
1. separate all metals,
2. pan it like a Gold Miner
3. the rest makes Plastic2X4

EZ BUSINESS PLAN pays for it not you!
1. Build 100%Recycling Plant in 6 months
2. Close CedarHillsRegionalLandfill
3. Sell Plastic2X4, save a tree

Build 100%Recycling that pays
Recycle all Washington plant
1.3 billion short term 5 yr loan
On salt interface, with shipping access. 100% recycling all Washington State solid waste into products people want, i.e. Plastic2X4 and

CLOSE Cedar Hills Landfill CLOSED!
Excavate all dumped trash beginning with oldest 1964 sections, Main Hill, and Southeast Pit, areas that do not have bottom liner. Remove metals and plastics, replace contaminated soil with recycled virgin soil. Separate and ship all metals and plastic to new 100%Recycling Plant.

KC daily solid waste collection goes to new 100%Recycling Washington plant facility, capable 100%Recycling up to 350 tons solid waste per hour.

Misplaced KC & Waste Management Employees are hired back at double wage with full benefits. We need KC Solid Waste Divsion frontline people to succeed solid waste collection.

Waste to
Continue same for 6 months, same garbage collection and dumping as present.
Build complete WA State 100%Recycling plant in 6 months, sell HomeDepot Plastic2X4, and PreciousIngot
.com to precious metal market.

Close CedarHillsLandfill takes six months
Build "CleanOutLandfill plant replacing Cedar Hills Landfill", and 100%Recycling Plant to market globally waste to products, and

"CleanOutLandfill Plant replaces Cedar Hills Landfill, removes all mercury methane, plastics, and metals from buried garbage, replacing with recycled virgin soil.

King County gets FREE curbside garbage pick-up. All KC solid waste is shipped to 100%Recycling Plant, there everything is processed into,, sold and shipped to global markets.

Customer dumps EZ everything in one can, no more sorting or cleaning your trash, 100%Recycling wants everything, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, contaminated food, straws, lids, everything!

GreenNewRecycling Deal is 100% self supporting 'circular recycling'.
(Monitoring Wells)
MW 47 + MW 109
lead over limit
100%Recycling Secret
Make a product everyone needs!
Seattle Times Photo
"EMERGENCY Clean-up Plan"
Cedar Hills Landfill
Schematic Maps
Explain what's going on
EMERGENCY Clean-up Plan
Emergency LEAD POISON water table
EMERGENCY close-it plan
=FREE curbside pick-up
EMERGENCY Clean-up Plan
Plastic2X4 video
EPArecycle video
PreciousIngot video
TrashToProducts robotics
SolidWasteDepartment schematic
GreenNewRecyclingDeal video
Hiring! SW Pros "double wage raise",
full benefits and family dental. GodsDoves GodsYouTube- iEstating- GreenNewRecyclingDeal 100%Recycling
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