Heat mix and push through a die, shaping the end product into the desired size: 2X4, trim, baseboard, or any lumber size configuration you can imagine.

A cosmetic "capstock" finish can be added, however this adds to the end cost. Capstock finish is a mixture introduced into the die after the final plates, after the core's shape has been formed. This process obviously makes the product larger, and must be adjusted for.

Product expansion known as free foaming can happen when working with numbers 3-9 plastic grades (ingredients), requires the extruded product to be placed immediately into a vacuum chamber. This process keeps any possible free foam expansion from taking place and instead yields a hard crust on the surface and softer material inside. This process is easiest to satisfy tight size and shape standards.

Cool it!
Stiffness comes as the product cools. Cooling with air guarantees to reach all angles, using giant cooling wheels on each side of the product. At this point, you have a good idea how the end product will look. If you're unhappy it's easy to fix, set it aside to be reground into a flour, and put back into the mix.
50% all plastic grades,
10% glass ground to pebble powder size.
10% food waste ground to pebble powder size.
10% cloth shred too pebble fiber size
10% paper pizza box, diapers, shred pebble size.
10% wood shred to pebble size.

Mix well in shredded pebble form
Heat to 500 degree until runny sticky
Compression mold-it.
Let rest until won't run,
Remove from mold quickly.

The core ingredient is plastic polyethylene. It's created by recycling any plastic you can imagine: shrink wrap, plastic shopping bags, soda bottles, caps, clam shells, styrofoam, film, oxidized plastic lawn furniture, tubs, etc. etc, even the nearly invisible film that's put on styrofoam cups at your favorite fast-food place and used to imprint an ad. Clean and grind into large flakes about the size of two postage stamps.

A cellulose equivalent is needed, such as solid waste wood, paper, and cotton all contain cellulose provides the other major component. Grinding this contaminated material into a powdered flour particle form so small, you can put 100 in a line and not cover an inch. Any type of contaminated wood, paper, and cotton materials can be used, but because harvesting (recycling) contaminated garbage at different times and locations will have different qualities, constant testing the raw garbage materials is required to adjust the recipe.

Prepare and Mix Ingredients
Grind any type plastic garbage into quarter size flakes, dry it out, must contain less moisture than one would find plastic in landfill, heat before going into the hopper almost free of water. At the same time, begin heating the plastic flakes into small flakes to a sticky state. Mix these ingredients together until the plastic flake has thoroughly encapsulated into the ground garbage flour.

Colorants, titanium dioxide removes color, is what makes PVC trim so white. You can make PWC without coloring, but the end product result is a multi ugly color mess, that does not appear as either wood or as a stable strong material at first glance.

Color Fading
Appling more additives to resist fading adds to the end cost, particularly those designed to keep the product from fading when it is put out in the sun.
Imprint, Cut, Stack and Rest
Imprinting adds to the total end cost, but it looks handsome if coloring has been added. After the PWC is cooled, its surface can be imprinted with a faux-wood finish. This is applied with a big wheel that contains a grain pattern that can either be set up to repeat after so many feet, or by moving the board left or right under a wide wheel making the grain on one board unique from others.

Cutting to size
The product can be cut into any desired length, and stacked.

Stack and Rest
After cutting to preferred size and stacked, the PWC product requires to rest 24 hours, to completely cool before it heads out the door to you.

Frank 206-664-1945
WA Dept Ecology requires all Cadmium & Lead
without chemicals, or you need to purify the chemicals too.

100%Recycling depends on both State Dept Ecology, and Federal EPA, inspections removing 99.99% Cadmium and all Lead hazardous metal.

Cadmium is a silver-white metal that is found in the earth's crust. It is extracted during the production of metals such as copper, lead, and zinc. Cadmium is found in some foods and is emitted by using fossil fuels such as coal and oil, smoking cigarettes, and burning waste.

Lead and Cadmium are separated by panning in the non-ferrous recycling stream, then smelting to purify 99.99% separation. The "panning water" is recycled, and never released into environment.

If they can grow tomatoes on Mars,
why can't we 100%Recycle on Earth?

PROOF Garbage Pays for itself!
Which would you buy?
$1 cheaper than wood from a tree?.

WM recycled you in a corner
It costs more to recycle when 80% of solid waste is not recycled.

Waste Management Corporations took over North West recycling services to sell to China. Now China is out, WM corporations force City Spokane to buy it from WM, and either burn or landfill it in Oregon.

Spokane partners WM to sort and recycle Big Blue,City Spokane buys back what WM can't recycle at $32 ton, to burn in the Waste to Energy plant, and landfill.

EPA reports 9% total is recycled.
WM reports they recycle 20%, from "Big Blue" curbside recyclable bin. Proof WM is not capible recycling 80% your trash, WM said it!

Waste Management Inc.
WM will not explain who they sell "sorted recyclables" to, because it's "confidential trade secret", you may compete to sell to their buyers, cutting WM out of their sale. So City Spokane buys back paying WM $32 a ton for City Spokane's own garbage, that WM has zero buyers!

9% total trash is recycled today, google it!
City Spokane pays $32 per ton ($1 per gal) for the garbage Waste Management doesn't recycle.

WM waste disposal only leads to more landfills.
"Recycling is Godliness"
To not is Devils domain
You pay the price

Focus 100%Recycling, population is growing, we can reuse every bit of our trash. Why not?

Your trash is everything
Trash traveling 20 feet a minute, we can recycle 100% metal - glass - rubber tires- all grades plastic - wood - paper - cloth - food waste, car oil, paint, 100% Recycling, nothing is left!
Extrude Molding
Adding lubricants help the PWC move smoothly through the extruder.
(City Spokane website)
"Spokane uses a single-stream recycling system" which allows significantly more recyclables to be collected curbside than ever before.

Each residential customer is provided with a 64-gallon rolling cart with handles – nicknamed "Big Blue" – to collect recyclables. The blue carts allow for fully automated collection,
increasing efficiencies and reducing operating costs. Position your recycling cart at least 3 feet away from other collection carts or objects.

The recyclables that are collected are taken to a facility owned and operated by the
private company, Waste Management, where they are sorted, processed and prepared for marketing. View the Smart Recycling page of their website.
Plastic 2X4 is insect proof, decay proof, fire retardant, shrink and warp proof, and outlasts wood, perfect for every home remodeling.

Pacific NW 2019
Sales prove it
$90 million wood 2X4's sold in PNW, proves 3rd of market is available to both "recycle green" and save $1 off each Plastic2x4 board.

Win on Win!
Save both Mrs.Turtle & enjoy your straw too! No need to "cut back", or stop using straws or plastic bags.

Anyone who says plastic straws can't be recycled is only misinformed. The truth is all plastic grades may be recycled into a plastic 2X4 composite wood, contractor grade 2X4 stud product.

100%Recycling is a "Corona Safe" recycling process, developing Plastic 2X4 Composite (PC) space age technology, recycling all plastics into non-structural plastic 2X4 stud, retailing $1 less what Home Depot wood prices are, i.e. Home Depot can mark-up Plastic 2X4 retail .50 cents, selling Plastic 2X4 Stud Composite at $2.10 per, comparable Home Depot (or Lowe's) #2 grade 2X4 pine wood 96" stud selling now for $3.28 per. End consumer saves $1.18 per Plastic 2X4 board. Plus Spokane consumer gets FREE curbside pick-up!

All garbage is used to make recycled into Plastic 2X4 studs. That means all grade plastics, including wood, paper, cloth, all colors. food waste, baby diapers, etc.. Your garbage can be dirty contaminated, there's a cleaning procedure recycling process to clean contaminated garabge.

Paper, cardboard, food, wood, glass,
rubber, cost more to recycle than value.
EXAMPLE: Glass 4.2% Spokane trash, it costs $90 ton process glass. It sells about $10 ton. This is a loss $80 cost to process. The selling value of other recyclables earn money, i.e. aluminum generates $2000 ton. If glass is mixed into the product 'plastic 2X4' recipe, selling $250 ton, there's then a profit factor in glass. When you sell pure glass, it both loses money, and it drags down the profit margin to recycle other materials. EU subsidizes glass recycling, US does not.

Test market start-up Spokane
Watch if contractors choose Plastic2X4.
#1 Collect the necessary garbage in Spokane.
#2 Build minimum molds required to process 296 Plastic2X4 composite studs.(one bin = 296)
#3 Place one Plast5ic 2X4 bin at Home Depot on Sprague Ave (with management approval) next to the regular 2X4 wood studs for easy consumer price comparison.

Plastic 2X4 comes in a multi color depending what color plastic is used, it can be painted, nailed, screwed, drilled, glued, and cut with regular circler saw. Or for special bulk orders your favorite coloring can be added with anti fading ingrediants.

Plastic Wood is to be used interior. It can be used exterior, however consumer must accept same liability as wood unprotected presents deteriorating in weather elements, including exterior oxidation.

Warranty is same as ordinary #2 grade 2X4 pine wood, buyer needs to check each for quality and defects before use. All sales are final with no warranties expressed or implied.

MARKETING is simple
Home Depot stocks only what moves off the shelves. Place one Plastic Wood Furring Stud bin, selling for $2. each, next to the wood stud bin selling for $3 each. Which would you buy? 20 studs for $40, or 20 studs for $60? Successful sales on one Home Depot, will multiply into 2200 nationwide Home Depot stores asking for Plastic Furring Studs.

I Had A Dream
2200 Home Depot nationwide locations have a recycling bin collecting to deposit Plastic-paper-wood-cloth, (includes mattteresses) and mincipality picks-up and delivers to PlasticSalvage located in that community.

Plastic wood is not new
Trek Decking
manufacturing plastic composite deck (planking and railing), Trek product reports is made up of 95% plastic bags collected from Safeway.

EPA reports 9% garbage waste is recycled, that means 91% eventually ends up somewhere in our environment, land, ocean, atmosphere. If not, where is the 91% garbage going?

We can grow tomatoes on Mars
But we can't 100%Recycle. If we can't recycle our own garbage, how can we expect China to know how to recycle our garbage? I mean, we already know China steals technology from American companies doing business in China. If we know how to recycle it, then China would have done the same for a profit to help Communist China grow.

Each municipality is eager to wishfully believe China bought our garbage, so we can sell it here too.

But that municipality pays a "negative value percentage", which means the municipality is really paying for both collection, shipping, and sorting, because what WM doesn't sell, City has to buy that garbage for $32 a ton. So tax payer pays shipping twice, because you're the tax payer on the hook to dispose of it, i.e. City of Spokane pays a :"negative value percentage", buying back what WM can't recycle.

Core problem is SHIPPING
GARBAGE "SHIPPING" (collection cost)
Manufacturing should pay all required recycling curb-side pick-up shipping costs, providing you the home owner FREE recycling pick-up shipping. Then the manufacture can truthfully claim their product is recyclable.

Corporation don't pay shipping
If Corp don't pay curbside pick-up shipping costs for their end-used-up product. The Corp can then sell their new product at a cheaper (lessor) price, because the consumer (you) are paying the end-use curbside pick-up shipping cost as your "garbage bill" buried in your utility billing. Corp says you'll buy more when cheaper price. Which explains why Corp need to save charging end-use curbside pick-up shipping cost, and let you pay shipping again.

Would Amazon ship your curbside pick-up garbage free of charge?

Mother Nature USA pays shipping
with land fills, incinerator, burring atmosphere, and lakes, oceans, streams etc. Mother Nature pays for 91% 2000 year recycling time period FREE of charge.

If you receive FREE garbage pick-up each week, you're going to be real careful to prepare your recycling to earn FREE curbside pick-up. Yes/No?

1-2-3 100%Recycling
#1. Municipality do not recoup any recycling fee for ppo bottles. We use to have .5 cent deposit on pop bottles, what happened to that?

You are paying for curbside pick-up explains you pay the "return shipping"5 cent bottle recycling deposit, corporate manufacture who made it doesn't want to sell at hight price. Why not, they made it.

#2. The corporation producing the virgin material, needs to factor shipping their used-up product into their margin cost of production, to pay future end-life recycling shipping cost.

If the federal government (Congress and/or Presidential Executive Order) have authority to order corporations to pay end-life garbage shipping costs, why don't we vote for it?

Ex-politicians are the lobbyist lobbying Congress, State Legislators (and President?) to not charge for either recycling or return end-life shipping. Lobbyist are obviously working for corporations that want to save, and you pay for the returned end-life shipping, after their product wears out after your use. I mean we know stuff wears out, so why can't corporation factor in to reclaim that worn out end-life stuff they sold to you?

Switching to clean energy, does that include both shipping and recycling too?

#4. Secret of Success, is re-sale recycling garbage into Plastic2X4 product, it's cheaper than real 2X4 wood.

That requires having your product federally approved by the highest experts, i.e. ICCsafe.org INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNSIL CEDRTIFIED. are the experts certifying your recycled product is safe for both home building and construction use. Their approval allows you to sell and distribute your product international globally.

Easiest way to receive Federal approval, is for your municipality Building Official to approve Plastic2X4 composite wood stud as weight bearing, serving the same purpose a wood 2X4 stud does, to be legally sold at your local HomeDepot.

After one year Plastic2X4 usage in your Building Official district, apply to ICC and apply for "international building code compliance" approval for retail global construction product. With that you may sell Plastic2X4 everywhere globally.

I need your help, you work with, and vote too for your municipality. Tell me your lead community politician cell number, and I'll virtually demonstrate live YouTube for them to be convinced we can be 100%Recycling!

Frank D'orr 206-664-1945
=FREE curbside pick-up! 100%Recycling Pays
Plastic2X4 ingredients
Required plastic wood ingredients is all plastic grades, wood, paper, nylon, cotton cloth, food waste. etc.. Everything in your household garbage can be recycled into a plastic wood product, to be sold at Home Depot and Lowes. Projected "plastic wood" sales in the NW is $30 million, one third of the $90 million annual wood 2X4 sales.

Rips and Cuts just like Wood
You can cut it to any fit just like real wood, but you don't get sawdust, you get plastic dust. Sweep it up, we recycle that too.

Plastic2X4 is $1 Cheaper
Plastic 2X4 furring stud is $1.60 wholesale per board, compared to Home Depot #2 grade pine wood stud $3.28 retail price. Explains Home Depot can mark-up .Plastic2X4 50 cents, and still be $1 cheaper than wood. If you need 100 studs for your remodel, do you want to spend $200 to recycle plastic, or pay $300 for a tree?

Grandma's Recipe:
100%Recycling "Plastic2X4" from garbage.
It's called plastic2X4 composite (PWC), making it is a lot like cooking a barbecue: It's meat and heat.
I sell "recycled"
$250,000 retainer fee.

Based on City Spokane 220,000 population each producing 4.2 lbs. solid waste per day. Gross Sales:
Month $5,210,656.84
Annual $62,527,882.08

NOTE: To increase sales requires increasing incoming solid waste to recycle product, i.e. include Spokane County, King County, etc. Inland Empire is accessable by rail, can easily receive soild waste from New York City for recycling, if NY paid shipping.

Phase 1
Collect all 3 bins in one truck,
recycle everything in one stream.
60 day start-up
=FREE 100%Recycling

=FREE curbside pick-up
City Spokane charges $3,240,000 per month for curbside pick-up
= today 3 trucks collecting separately three (3) bins, i.e. yard waste bin, refuge bin, and Big Blue recyclable bin. 100%Recycling cuts 3 trucks into 1 truck collecting all at same time, reducing curbside pick-up overhead 1/3rd to $2,170.800. month.

100%Recycling gross:
Annual $60,026,766.80
Month = $5,002, 230.57
- $2,170,800 month =FREE curbside pick-up.
- $852,000 labor, (includes Energy Plant labor).
- $260,532.84 @5% Sales commission only.
= $1,718,897.73 month net operating capital.
TOTAL $20,626,722.76 annual profit

100%Recycling Plant runs 24/7, closed Saturday. 50 employees average $50 hr.
Waste to Energy plant.
Keep present 6 employees average each $50 hr.
Keep all present Garbage truck employees too.
In-house machne shop, 10 employees average each $50 hr. Responsible building new and plant maintenance.
In-House Building Contractors, 5 employees average $50 hr. Responsible for all new construction, remodeling, and ongoing maintenance.
Sales, is "commission only" 5% completed sale.

Spokane Total Labor cost
71 employees necessary, plus sales office, $852,000 month.
$10,224,000 average annual labor cost.

Phase 1 Start-up:
60 day up and running set-up time.
Location must be close as possible to
Waste to Energy plant.

100%Recycling products: Plastic2X4, HeatingPellet, Iron ore, 99.99 pure metals, LEAD, Silver, Copper, Bronze, Cadmium, Brass, Alunimum, GOLD too.

Waste to Energy Plant
Whenever 100%Recycling may fail, there's an easy remedy choice, separate metal then burn the rest. Just as now WM burns 80% recyclable Big Blue failings are burned, but (includes burring metals) and City is paying WM @$32 ton to burn it. 100%Recycling would still save City buying back what WM can't recycle @$32 ton.

Necessary further study:
1) Can Waste to Energy heat be used as a smelter for smelting precious metals into bars?
2) Could Waste to Energy electricity be invested to supply only 100%Recycling electrical energy needs, and not profit Avista sale?

100%Recycling is a leaning curve Some equipment needs to be built in-house, as it's not available on the market in the size 100%Recycling requires, i.e. panning tables, battery scoop chute, Iron washer, each must be built in-house because no one manufacturer makes the size required. However other required machinery size is available, i.e. Magnets, Eddy Current, conveyors, automated pickers, etc..

It is crucial to employ in-house metal machine engineering and fabrication shop, and building contractors, for new machine fabrication, designing, and construction, general on going maintenance, and install set-ups.

Recycle Spokane Waste to Energy ASH:
Bottom & fly ash, produce Lead & Cadmium, and all other precious metals. 100%Recycling removes all metals and recycles the remaining slag into Plastic2X4.

100%Recycling is constant work in progress building a better mouse trap catching trash!

Spokane start-up $21,000,000 does not include real estate location purchase.

City Spokane would qualify for an EPA Grant as municipality. EPA Washington DC, is very interested in recycling all plastics.

NOTES: I can sharpen my pencil, some start-up funds can be budgeted over a period of 3 months, as some venders sell machinery on an extended payment plan basis.

NOTE: City Spokane is very unusual, makes a perfect fit for 100%Recycling to example other municipalitie globally to follow.

Unlike other municipalities, Spokane does not have landfill solid waste quota contracts. Spokane has only one landfill contract for depositing Waste to Energy bottom and fly ash, which expires in two years. Other than that Spokane is in best position to immediately start-up 100%Recycling.
Plastic2X4 Recipe!
The "other wood" that acts like wood, but lasts forever or longer than a wood 2X4 stud does, because it's heavy duty tough plastic. Because it's 100% recycled, it's free ingrediants, recycling provides low production cost verses conventional virgin products.
Miners Pan
WasteDirector $175K
Hiring Now! SW Pros, double wage
raise, and full benefits with family dental.
YES we can The "technology is here" today!
GreenNewRecyclingDeal EPArecycle.com SolidWasteDept
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FrankDorr.com SolidWasteDept.com
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