Dear President Biden,
RE: 100%Recycling, Net Zero Waste, Build Back Better.

I can stop 33% greenhouse gas now! 95% Solid Waste today is either land filled, burned, or washed into the ocean killing fish. Solid Waste causes 33% of our CO2 carbon footprint responsible for 33% of our global greenhouse warming.

I invented "GreenNewRecyclingDeal.com", 100%Recycling Solid Waste where nothing is left to waste, everything is recycled into products everyone needs and wants to buy.

Plastic2X4.com (plastic wood) is the secret to reduce greenhouse gas 33%. Extracting all nonmetal garbage, i.e. dirty baby diapers, all plastics; straws, bottle caps, all paper, glass, cloth, and grease types too, are the ingredients that make-up Plastic2X4, turning a profit selling for less than 1/3 the cost of real wood lumber, saving both trees and ocean fish too.

.com extracts all metals in your trash, 100%Recycling EPA compliant, into 99.9% pure steal, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, lead, cadmium, magnesium, etc..

No more garbage bill! "Curbside garbage pickup" is FREE! 100%Recycling Plastic2X4 pays, earning a huge net profit called "Trash to Cash", "Trash to Products cash cow".

All State's require their Counties "Solid Waste Division", to charge for garbage collection. Each County recycles only 5%, and pay to landfill and burn the rest, causing 33% greenhouse gas. GreenNewRecyclingDeal.com 100%Recycling FREE collection operates on a State level, serving all counties, everything is recycled into a net profitable product.

By 2024 we can cut  USA  greenhouse gas 33%, with FREE curbside pickup!

I need only a l.3 billion dollar 5 yr. short term loan, to build my proposed 100% Recycling plant in WA State. Once proven, build in all States, or borrow now 67 billion, and build immediately in all 50 States. Then after 2024, with Plastic2X4 net profits, build GreenNewRecyclingDeal.com 100%Recycling plants globally, nothing is left to waste.

GOOD NEWS! Switching to 100%Recycling, no one is laid off. Every County "Solid Waste Division" employee gets hired back with a raise. The labor force is tripled because we're not only collecting garbage, we're manufacturing huge net profit products too.   

GreenNewRecyclingDeal.com networking 100%Recycling, is EPA compliant, creates jobs, guarantees Zero Waste, and reduces our carbon footprint 33%, builds back America better!

Please call or text now, for a virtual tour and a FREE Plastic2X4 sample!
I ask you to include your support encouraging GreenNewRecyclingDeal
I wish to get 100%Recycling underway, the sooner is "build back better" for America .

Frank D'orr, 206-664-1945
2111 N Belt St. , Spokane WA 99205

Miners Pan
Share $100 NOW or it may never happen
Share $100 NOW or it may never happen
Share $100 NOW or it may never happen
1-2-3 Circular Economy
1) Dump-it once, not on tipping floor.
2) Shred-it doesn't jam conveyor.
3) Sell recycled not recyclable.
Seattle Times Photo
"Your VOTE is required"

We can grow tomatoes on Mars,
but we can't 100%Recycle on Earth?

GreenNewRecyclingDeal.com separates and recycles 260 tons hr, to wholesale at $1000+ per ton:
Plastic2X4.com made from baby diapers, rotten food, dirt, dirty plastic bags, all plastics straws, caps, etc, all paper carboard.and all cloth fabrics. Wholesales for $1000 per ton.
PreciousIngot.com extracts all metals from your trash recycling into 99.99% precious metals. Wholesales from $2000 ton to $16,000 per ton.

VOTE FREE 100%Recycling weekly curbside garbage pickup, no more garbage bill.

SolidWasteDepartment.com, hiring 5000 Covid Safe Jobs! (copy/paste into your URL).

1. Build 100%Recycling Plant in 6 months, (URL: SolidWasteDepartment.com Schematic
2. Wholesale Plastic2X4.com to HomeDepot
3. Close CedarHillsRegionalLandfill.com (see below #2nd Business Plan - B).

#1st, BUILD 100%Recycling Plant in six months requires:
$1.3 billion startup: WA State 100%Recycling Plant (does not include real estate).
$195 million startup: CleanOutLandfill.com CedarHillsLandfill.com (see next column #2nd Business Plan).

$1.3 billion
Builds WA State 100%Recycling plant, processing all WA State solid waste, leaving nothing to waste. 6 month start-up and running leaving nothing to waste.

$67 billion builds 100%Recycling plant in each 52 US States. 6 month start-up and running leaving nothing to waste. Reducing USA greenhouse gas global warming 33%.

GOOD NEWS! Plastic2X4.com is self sufficient turns a net profit.
Each year of operation, 100%Recycling Plant clones itself providing startup building cost for the next 100%Recycling Plant, in 7 years every US State can have its own 100%Recycling Plant, 14 years every nation globally has it's own 100%Recycling Plant, guarantees stop globally all solid waste-metals-plastics pollution 100%.

Net profit secret.
Only manufacture products that wholesale $1000 or more per ton, i.e. Plastic2X4.com PreciousIngot.com aluminum ingot sells over $2,000 ton. Paper / Glass sell less $9 ton,
to make a profit, that solid waste should be recycled into Plastic2X4.com wholesale $1000 ton, not $9 ton.

1-2-3 six month plan per EPA compliance
1. 100%Recycling Plant separates 260 tons solid waste per hr, recycling diapers into Plastic2X4.com Metals into PreciousIngot.com separates100% EPA mercury, lead, cadmium.
2. 100%Recycling cuts 33% greenhouse gas, and stops 100% your Ocean plastics pollution.
3. Residents get FREE curbside pick-up. Converting solid waste into Plastic2X4.com pays for it. "We need all your solid waste", don't sort it, toss dirty in any bin, one truck trip picks it all up.

can expect a USA "Plastic Shortage".
HomeDepot can retail Plastic2X4.com $1 cheaper than wood. Support 100%Recycling or pay $1 more kill a tree. Plastic2X4 goes viral, "made in USA", cuts greenhouse 33%, stops ocean fish eating plastics.

GreenNewRecyclingDeal.com PLANT Location & Power Supply
Ideally 100%Recycling Plant location area is 2 sq. miles saltwater interface, with (minimum one) 'huge shipping access, to export Plastic2X4 globally. Power supply is 'windmill energy', and 'compost to energy' plant: (copy/paste) in URL: BiogasGreen.com
Close it! CedarHillsRegionalLandfill
CleanOutLandfill.com separates 140 tons solid waste contaminated soil per hour.

Remember Flint MI? CedarHillsLandfill.com is leaching mercury-lead-methane into Issaquah Creek and Lake WA Cedar Hills River areas. PROOF! Chinook Salmon are not returning to Cedar Hills River to spawn, Chinook are a Federal endangered species, WHY? Mercury.

1-2-3-4-5 concerns: CedarHillsLandfill.com
1. EMERGENCY 1964 CedarHillsLandfill.com did not install bottom liner, Main Hill and Southeast Pit, have no bottom liner, proves leaching into water table (aquifers) now.
2. Mad Hatter's disease, CedarHillsLandfill.com will leach Cadmium Mercury Methane for 1000 years per EPArecycle.com Landfill metals attract mercury, it settles into water or land where it's washed into water. Mercury is a neurotoxin, it causes neurological damage and a psychosis condition that affects the brain processing information, causing Chinook to lose touch with reality, and not return to Cedar Hills River. Chinook salmon nose smells where to return to their "natal" where they hatched, to mate and spawn. With mercury poisoning, they see, hear, and believe things that aren't real.
google it!
3. Dump Water on top CedarHillsLandfill.com, all drains into Cedar Hills River, and Issaquah Creek, no place else to go but into water table (aquifers). CedarHillsLandfill.com is wrong spot.
4. How long do 'landfill liners' last? google it!
5. Ran out of room, no more space available, we filled it up King County.

6 month plan:
CloseLandfill.com It's FREE with CleanOutLandfill.com
Clean Out is FREE after $195 million startup VirginSoilPlant.com construction. Plastic2X4.com does not have the startup funds for VirginSoilPlant.com returning Cedar Hills to its natural state.

GOOD NEWS! After startup, both Plastic2X4.com PreciousIngot.com sales turn net profit, self supporting CleanOutLandfill.com extracting metals/plastics, returning soil to natural virgin state.

DroneEagles.com (not fireworks) manage CleanOutLandfill.com pesky bird control.

CedarHillsLandfill.com estimates 76 million tons solid waste deposited since 1964.
100%Recycling 140 tons an hour into RecycledVirginSoil.com will take 63 years 24/7.
Should we double 140 tons to 280 tons per hr? Then startup cost doubles the $195 million.

'Waste to Energy' plant cost $1.3 Billion (with overruns?) it burns mercury lead metals, creating greenhouse gas, it landfills metals bottom ash (a lot of it), and fly ash (said caught in filters) into another landfill. PROOF! Ask Spokane Waste to Energy where the ash goes?

NOTE: All misplaced WM KC employees are hired back with raise, and with full benefits.

206-664-1945 Text Me!

Plastic2X4.com ingredients are Baby diapers, dirty plastic bags, rotten food, dirt, straws, caps, etc.
PreciousIngot.com recycles 99.99% pure Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Aluminum, Copper, Gold, etc.

Mold it = Plastic2X4.com
=FREE curbside pickup, no more garbage bill.
EPA compliant.

Call Frank Dorr! Virtual Tour 206-664-1945
WasteDirector $175K
Hiring Now! SW Pros, double your wage raise, full benifits with dental.
WasteDirector $175K
Hiring Now! SW Pros, double your wage raise, full benefits with dental.
Mexico City
Dominican Republic
GreenNewRecyclingDeal EPArecycle.com SolidWasteDept
100%Recycling Plastic2X4 PreciousIngot WasteDirector
I just invented 100%Recycling!!!
YES we can "technology is here" today!
I'm talking =FREE curbside pickup and
Hiring NOW solid waste pros $75hr.
by: Frank D'orr
FrankDorr.com SolidWasteDept.com
206-664-1945 GreenNewRecyclingDealt@gmail
Plastic2X4 video
EPArecycle video
PreciousIngot video
TrashToProducts robotics
SolidWasteDepartment schematic
GreenNewRecyclingDeal video
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PRESS RELEASE December 1, 2021
Contact: FrankDorr.com at 206-664-1945 Text or Call.
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