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1-2-3 Circular Economy
1) Dump-it once,
not on tipping floor.
2) Shred-it doesn't jam conveyor.
3) Sell recycled not recyclable.
Garbage NOW pays, FREE forever curbside pick-up
No more sorting for you, throw in one can, we recycle everything together.
We can grow tomatoes on Mars but we can't 100% recycle on Earth?

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Spokane, WA $56 million
King County, WA $355 million
NewYork State, $3.1 billion start-up 6 months, full operation 16 months
LOS ANGELES City, $1.9 billion buys 100%Recycling
WA State 1.3 billion 6 month turn key

Service area: 12 million population, 8.800 tons solid waste per day, 367 ton per hr.
Ownership: Green New Recycling Deal
*Financing Grant totaling $1.9 billion:
15 World Largest shredders (included in quote)
Department of Ecology Grants remain chief tool protect human health and environment.
Start-up: 2021 6 month startup, 18 month 100% full capacity.
Process maximum 16,000 tons per day.
Human resource
We hire all misplaced City/County Waste Management employees, we pay double wage, with full benefits including complete family dental.

OPTIONAL PROMOTION = $41.3 million additional
We provide FREE orange color, 96 gallon size garbage can FREE, and we pick-up FREE everything weekly. If mattress, boat, car, tires, etc, we pick-up special everything.
You fill weekly for free curbside pick-up.
2 million 96 gal size garbage cans = $10 ech $20 million
1,000 roll off bins, for large solid waste items = $3000 each, = $3 million
22 flat bed bin trucks $150,000 each = $3,300,000
25 Like City Garbage trucks = $15 million

Expenses and Revenues before dept service:
Cost of Operation ($227.63 per ton)
Power Cost: Local Electrical source $1,000,000 per 4 MGW annual
Cost of Disposal $0, everything is recycled into usable for sale for profit product.
Cost of Debt Matching grant
Materials Recovery $658.13 per ton
NET OPERATING PROFIT $430.50 per ton, see SolidWasteDept.com
Solid Waste 100%Recycling:
Operation: 24-hours per day, 6 day week
Process Lines: 5 @ 9000 tons-per-day
Plant maximum daily capacity: 9000 tons-per-day
Average thru-put: 8,008 tons per day
Feed system: 4 max shredders
Grate design: Von Roll reciprocating
Auxiliary fuel: Electric generator Natural gas
Waste weight reduction: 100%
Annual Greenhouse Gas Production Zero Pounds CO2
Air Quality Smelter Control: Dry scrubbers-Fabric filters-deNOx (2 units)

Product Production:
Precious Metal Ingot.com: 99.9% pure
Silver Ingot:
Aluminum Bar:
Copper Bar:
Gold Bar:
Lead Bar:
Ferrous Iron Ore bulk:

Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Home improvement stores
Wall Street, Precious Metals market

Facts & Figures:
Plant Maximum Solid Waste Capacity: 59,000 tons/day, 24 hour operation
Guaranteed capacity: 8800 Ton per day.
Effective maximum capacity: 9000 Ton per day
Max capacity reached: Operating Net requires adding automated recycling lines.
Receiving floor: 62,000 square ft. or 1.4 acres, 5 car shredders

Smelter stack: 175' tall, preformed concrete sections, contains three flues
Smelter Temperature: 2500 degrees F
Temp/Velocity of exiting smelter stack gases: 250 degrees F, 4000 ft per minute, is recycled "Exhaust stack heat recovery exchanger," Industrial power plants generate waste heat that is usually released into the air, otherwise up in smoke. Heat recovery transforms waste heat into useful forms of energy, reducing emissions and boosting efficiency. Waste heat recovery is for solid waste drying chambers..

continued next column...
Seattle Times photo
GreenNewRecyclingDeal EPArecycle.com SolidWasteDept
100%Recycling Plastic2X4 PreciousIngot WasteDirector
"It's easier to mine gold from trash
than a gold mine".
We sell "recycled"
They sell "recyclables"
They sell aluminum cans $340 ton.
We sell aluminum ingots $2000 ton.

I'm talkin' about FREE curbside pick-up!

We can grow tomatoes on Mars
but can't 100%Recycle on Earth?
30 years there'll be more plastic in ocean than fish
We can't have the stars if we don't have earth.
Squaw says "Bear don't shit in his own cave.
Mold-it! Plastic2X4.com
Plastic2X4 video
EPArecycle video
PreciousIngot video
TrashToProducts robotics
SolidWasteDepartment schematic
WasteDirector $175K
Hiring Now! SW Pros, double your wage raise, full benifits with dental.

Construction involved:
16,415 cubic yards of concrete
198,692 cubic yards soil imported
45,251 feet of pipe conveyor belt
3,248 tons of structural steel
350,829 feet/66.445 miles of cable
10,740 feet/2.3 miles of cable tray
2,396 field welds
Time to construct: 6 months
First refuse 100%Recycling: 2021
Refuse crane: capacity = 9 tons or 6.5 cubic yards; Typical load = 2-3 tons
4 max shredders, process each max 140 ton sold waste per/hr
Computer System: Network
Cost: $1.8 billion, capital project for City.
Ownership: Green New 100% Recycling Deal, Solid Waste Department
Debt responsibility: City, County & all municipalities within.

Solid Waste Department involvement:
Design, construct, operate and maintain at profit margin after initial $355 million grant.

Property real estate Area: 2 sq miles salt water interface.

Similar technology:
There is no 100% Recycling facility to compare, however the machinary concept is available.

Regulatory Agencies:
Air Pollution Control Authority
County Department of Ecology
(213) 974-1311 or email info@lacounty.gov.
Regional Health District.

US EPA Office of Research and Development (ORD) - main office 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Mail Code: 8101R Washington, DC 20460 (202) 564-6620

U.S. Space Force pays $316 million for a single Elon Musk, launch. SpaceX advertises Falcon 9 rocket on its website launches cost $62 million each.

If we can grow tomatoes on Mars, why can't we 100% recycle on planet Earth?
Solid Waste is rotting bactaria C02 heat building up, it causes various plagues, hepatitis, gastro enteric diseases, bacillary dysentery, diarrhea and amoebic dysentery, salmonellosis, trichinosis, endemic typhus, cholera, jaundice, etc., and C02 warms our planet globally. The only way to stop C02 Global Warming is to stop the rotting, and that's 100%Recycling.

How does waste affect climate change?
When organic waste decomposes, carbon dioxide and methane gas is created. Methane is created when there is no air present while carbon dioxide is the natural product when anything rots in air. Both carbon dioxide and methane are greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming climate change.

Why are landfills bad for the environment?
High levels of methane gas and CO2 are generated by the rotting rubbish in the ground. These are greenhouse gases, which contribute greatly to the process of global warming. Toxic substances end up in landfills, which leach into the earth and groundwater over 50 years time creating a huge environmental hazard impossible to clean up.

100%Recycling cleans the ocean
1) 100%Recycling everything, nothing goes from land to ocean.
2) The ocean washes up plastic, we simply retrieve it from that spot, and 100% recycle that debri into Plastic2X4 to never return to the ocean. 30 years from now there won't be any plastic waste on land or ocean, because we didn't put any more plastic in.

Dear Boyan Slat,
The Ocean Cleanup HQ.
Batavierenstraat 15 4-7th floor
3014 JH Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Your recycling department will never process 334 tons garbage per hour. Is there more plastic in the ocean vs Los Angeles producing 334 tons solid waste per hour? We need to capture LA trash before it reaches our oceans.
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