Receive 50% net cash, and 50% tax write-off donation to nonprofit
iEstating Estate Sales
First nonprofit 501(c)(3) Estate Sale fundraiser, serving all America, including King County, Seattle, Sammamish, Bellevue, Issaquah, Seattle, Federal Way, Fife, Renton, Kent, West Seattle, Kirkland, Redmond, Tukwila, Shoreline, Burien, Woodinville, Maple Valley, Enumclaw, and Vashon Island.
God's Life Insurance
Estate SaleTreasures in Heaven!
Jesus said: Write it in your Will
"Sell some of your stuff, give to the
poor, you will have treasures
in Heaven waiting for you!"

3-Witnesses PROVE Jesus said it!
Matt 6:19, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22
Donate it! You can't take it with you.
1. nonprofit 501(c)(3) Charity Church 206-664-1945 Call or Text Me!
. STOP! Veteran's Suicides every day. Support Veteran's
. saves lives both here on earth and afterlife.

100% deductible from your adjusted gross income.
Pay Caesar, or tithe God and Save tax! IRS credits your gross income. Jesus said sell some stuff give to poor, you're guaranteed treasures in Heaven waiting for you! 3-Witnesses PROVE Jesus said it;
(Matt 6:19, Mark 10:21, Luke 18:22)

FREE pick-up! 206-664-1945, Call or Text.
Personal property, commercial/residential estates, real estate,
church buildings, we pay all closing.
We need church buildings, send us leads!

Thank you,
We appreciate your support!
Please present this receipt to your Tax Preparer as proof of your donation.

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Monetary value of goods donated: __________________________________________

Fair market value: __________________________________________

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approved by: Senior Pastor John
.com nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity 206-664-1945

Approved_________________________________ Date:____________
Apostle Mary Church, 2111 N Belt St.,
Spokane WA, 99205

1-2-3 good reasons to give:
#1. Mark 12:17, "Render unto Caesar which are Caesar's; and to God what is God's."
#2. God's "After-Life Insurance Policy!" Tithe God not Caesar. "Give to the poor then follow Jesus,
you'll have treasure in Heaven waiting for you." Amen!
3-Witnesses prove it, Luke 18:22, Mark 10:21, and Matt 6:19
#3. When you share Apostle Mary, you're giving back to God
Apostle Mary
501(c)(3) nonprofit charity
We live by every word of God!
(Matt 4:4)
Don't throw away what we can sell for you.
We bring 2000 buyers seeking "treasures".
Great for: Realtor Estate Sale needs.
Fast cash down-sizing liquidation.
Church fundraising events.

501(c)(3) nonprofit Apostle Mary charity fundraiser organization, supporting Vet's You receive IRS TAX CREDIT deduction to write-off 100% what you donate, and you keep the other 50% net cash from your Estate Sale fundraiser
IRS TAX CREDIT 501(c)(3) nonprofit
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iEstating Estate Sales
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