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I'm Pastor John

Because I'm of Jewish Faith.
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What's a Christian Israelite?
Protestant Christian, or Catholic Church, or Orthodox Church, or Jewish Christian, or Greek Jews, according to Bible prophecy we the Israelite just will not know who we are in the last days.

Who are the Lost 10 Israel tribes today?
If we do not know, then this is proof we are in the last days today.

(Deuteronomy 32:26) is God's prophecy spoken to Moses, and Moses wrote it down, The Christian Israelite, will not know whom they are in the last days. Jews know who they are today. Jews have been scattered all over the world, but they have always known their identity. The Israelite will not, according to God's Prophecy written by Moses.

Apostle Paul was Jewish, converted to Christianity, he wrote it's okay to ignore the 4th Commandment, "one day is not more important than another" (Rom 14:5)

But John-Mark and Priestly Levite Barnabas, (Acts 15:39) had a 'sharp disagreement' with Paul, and the gang departed Paul. "Gospel of Barnabas verse 222" (google it!) explains their disagreement.

If John-Mark and Barnabas a Christian Levite, can disagree with Paul, may I?
Who's correct, Levite Barnabas or Paul?

Mark 9:38 reported to Jesus, "someone not our follower, is casting out demons
using Jesus' name". Jesus said, "let them be, who is not against us can't hurt us."

SABBATH: (Exodus 31:16-17)
"Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual Covenant. It is a sign between Me and the children of Israel for ever..."

I prefer to be one of the "multitude you can't count" who have on their forehead. (Rev 7:3)

If the Sabbath is a sign, and if I keep the Sabbath as a sign, am I 100% safe even if I'm wrong?

Or better said, what do I have to lose to keep the Sabbath as a
sign between Jesus and I forever? I mean Jesus kept the Sabbath forever.

• Christians believe they inherit Abraham through accepting Jesus.
• Judaism believe they inherit Abraham through King David.
• Islam believe they inherit Abraham through Abrahams first son Ishmael.

Every faith believes their the
"Abraham Covenant" (decendants that out-number the dust of the earth, 2000 B.C. contract with God). (Gen 13:16)

If Abraham is true, then bringing all
"faiths" believing in Abraham together
can only end WAR! Yes/No? How can Abraham fight himself?

Do "descendants of Abraham" include just one religion, or is Abraham all faiths (religions) who believe they are Abraham's descendents?

Or is it your faith, YOU whom decides who is Abraham descendant, and whom is not a descendant of Abraham?

You'll need to read this entire
IsraelChristian column,
or keep your WAR!

I guarantee no WAR!

No Armageddon
(Rev 7) STOP EVERYTHING until 144,000 (12,000 from tribe of Judah) and a multitude other people you cannot count, first are sealed by of Abraham on the foreheads of them. Only then can Armageddon begin. Yes/No?

Pope Apostle Mary, "brings all faiths together" from the Vatican.
If every country deserves the right to be a sovereign nation, then every Faith deserves to be respected when it respects other faiths.

When you
You Bring All Faiths together.
Because everyone will listen intently to a female Pope in the Vatican, teaching all religions believe in the "Abraham Covenant".

Roman Catholic are 1.2 billion Christians, they too are the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God)

Catholic Pope, requires Jesus Christ, because God divorced House of Israel, (Jer 3:8) because King Ahab broke the "Abraham Covenant" (contract with God) when Prophet Amos was murdered by the "House of Israel".

GOD divorced "House of Israel" (Jer 3:8) not her sister "House of Judah" (The word Jew is slang for Judah). Pope followers can only be saved if Catholic's are either 144,000 Israel, or the multitude you can't number with the GodsHolySeal
.com on their foreheads, (Rev 7).

Muslim, Iran are part the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God) too through Abraham's first born son Ishmael.

(Gen 21:14) After the birth of Isaac, another son of Abraham, through Sarah, Ishmael and his mother were banished to the desert. A minor figure thereafter in the traditions of Judaism and Christianity, Ishmael continued to play a foundational role in Islamic tradition, which holds that he settled in Mecca.

When Iran realizes all Christians support Iran Muslim faith, then that government wants to participate with the Vatican to bring all faiths together. Then Christians Jews, and Muslims too, will only recognize and agree to the Muslim, Abraham-Ishmael birthright.

Muslim, Isis is the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (also have a contract with God) through Abraham-Ishmael.

As Isis realizes all Christians support Muslim faith, then Isis wants to participate with the Vatican too, to settle differences to bring all faiths together too.

China is Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, and Protestantism, each believe they are the sole heir of the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

North Korea is Buddhism
Buddhism was founded about 500 B.C., Abraham lived about 2000 B.C., the question is, can the people Abraham-Ishmael travel to India in 1500 years later in 500 B.C.?

Jews, Israel-Judah together are the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God) through House of David. Judah (Jews) have an inheritance of Jerusalem.

Jews are "sister Judah" (Jer 3:8) were never divorced by God, so they don't require Jesus sacrifice to into a relationship with God. Only the divorced by God, need Jesus Christ to doe for them according Mosaic (Moses) Divorce Law. (Deut 24:4)

Both Rabbi's, and Christianity, explain Islam is incorrect to believe that Muslims inherit the Abraham Covenant.

Christianity is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching there is only one God, and God is Jesus in the flesh, not Judaism and/or Islam.

Christianity is waiting for the Day of Judgment, teaching you can only be saved through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, genealogy is; "Abraham-Isaac-Jacob/Israel through David (Judaism)." (Matt 1)

Judaism is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion through King David, teaching there is only one God, and God is on Judaism side, not Jesus Christ Christainity side, and/or Islam's side.

Judaism refers both Christianity and Islam as "goyim," (cattle).

Judaism is waiting for the Day of Judgment Savior, through the line of King David, which does not include either Christianity nor Islam.

Islam is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion teaching there is only one God, and God is on Islam's side.

The Koran speaks about Jews as the "people of the book", and speaks of Christians as "friends of Jews," and that Islam cannot always trust, or should not always trust either the Christian or the Jew. Probably because later Catholic Christianity, had a couple crusades defeating (killing) Islam people, requiring Islam faith to convert to Catholic Christianity.

Islam is waiting for the Day of Judgment.

Islam Bible, began about 600 A.D. through Muhammad, a Messenger/Prophet of God, bloodline from Abraham's first son Ishmael. Neither Jesus Christianity nor Judaism, claim to be descendants of Ishmael.

Jesus said
He came only for "House of Israel." Both the Bible and the Koran explain, Islam is absolutely not "House of Israel," but is the "House of Ishmael," or from the "God of Abraham - Ishmael."

NOTE: Islam includes "Byzantine Persians," living in Lygos, beginning about 800 B.C.. Emperor "Christian Constantine," 330 A.D. took Lygos, renamed it after himself as, Constantinople. Constantine, changed their religion to the new required "State Religion'" Catholic Christianity, and wrote Constantine's New Testament Christian Catholic Bible.

There was no NT Bible before Emperor Constantine. google it! "First NT Bible." Before Constantine, we had separate writings referred today as "fragments." These writings were collected, and Constantine gave the Catholic Church the city of Rome, and appointed Catholic Usbius, to structure the New Testament.

Koran teaches Islam people to protect themselves from Jews and Christians. Islam has needed to protect their Islamis religion, because since Jesus, Persians were an enemy of both Christians and Jews.

(513 BC) Lygos was inhabited by Persians.
330 AD, (800 years later) Emperor Constantine I, changed Lygos to Constantinople, as the imperial residence for his Universal Christian Roman Church. Constantine renamed Lygos the New Rome, "Constantinople", in honor of himself. Anyone who disagreed with Constantine's New Rome Christianity, were killed, because they did not convert to Constantine's State Church. This is the behaviour that led to Prophet Mohammed 600 A.D. (270 years later).

Koran teach to protect Islam:
(The Cow) [2.113] "And the Jews say: The Christians do not follow anything (good) and the Christians say: The Jews do not follow anything (good) while they recite the (same) Book.

(The Cow) [2.120] "And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion...."

(The Dinner Table) [5.13] "But on account of their breaking their covenant We cursed them and made their hearts hard; they altered the words from their places and they neglected a portion of what they were reminded of; and you shall always discover treachery in them excepting a few of them; so pardon them and turn away; surely Allah loves those who do good (to others)."

(The Dinner Table) [5.51] "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other....."

(The Congregation) [62.6] "Say: O you who are Jews, if you think that you are the favorites of Allah to the exclusion of other people, then invoke death If you are truthful."

What kind of
are you? ChristianIsraelite

Jesus said: "I was sent only to the lost sheep of the House of Israel." (Mat 15:24). Who is the House of Israel? google it!

God divorced "House of Israel", and not her sister "House of Judah". (Jer 3:8)

Israel will forget their identify in the days, but the Jews will not. (Deut 32:26)

If God divorced you, then obviously are you excluded from Abraham Covenant (contract).

Why would Jesus say
"He was sent only for the lost sheep of the House of Israel"? Because He was letting you know the only reason Jesus is here.

If Jesus "House of Israel" is true.
Then Jesus was not sent for "House of Judah", nor was Jesus sent for House of Islam.

Then neither Judaism "House of Judah" nor Islam "House of Ishmael" need Jesus, because neither were divorced. (Jer 3:8)

Jesus said, "think not I bring peace on earth. But a sword. For I came to divide...." (Mat 10:34) And that's what we got today. Yes/No?

Where is the sword today?
Who is divided today?

"Jew" is "House of Judah," Jew is slang for Judah, google it!

Jews teach they are "House of Israel."
google it!

Judaism divides 12 tribe Israel to mean only 1 tribe Judah. Or in the least Jews do not say much about the other 10 tribes. Yes/No?

Israel-Christians protect Judah-Jews, so radical Muslims detest Christianity too.

Abraham's "History"
(Gen 13:16) "I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth." Abram's name was changed to Abraham in (Gen17:5).

Abraham had children with 1-2-3 Mothers, all inheriting 2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant (contract).

#1. Mother of Ishmael was Sarah’s handmaid, Hagar, given to Abraham to bear a son for Sarah barren impatient for the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

Ishmael, a person in the Tanakh and the Quran, is Abraham's first son according to Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

#2. Mother Sarah, of Isaac.

NOTE: Isaac fathers Esau and Jacob. Esau forfeited his birthright decendant to Jesus Christ through Judah (Jews). However, Esau still inherits the 2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant (contract), if Easu does not inherit, then God saying Abraham's seed will outnumber the dust isn't true either.

#3. Mother Keturah, after Sarah's passing, Abraham married Keturah the Mother of six sons (daughters are never mentioned);

Zimran, "vine dresser; celebrated; song"; descendants of Zimran are Thrace, the same people known as Thracians "Banizomenes" in the records of the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus. During this period, contact between the Thracians and Classical Greece intensified.

Jokshan, the father of Sheba and Dedan. Dedan had three sons, named Asshurim, Letushim, and Leummim?

Medan, (Gen 37:36). "And the Medanites have sold him (Joeseph) unto Egypt, to Potiphar, a eunuch of Pharaoh, head of the executioners".

Midian, Midianite, Moabites?

Ishbak, "Arabia the Happy," as far as it reaches to the Red Sea, may be the people identified in a cuneiform inscription to a people known as Jasbuqu. and Shuah,"Canaanite man".

Can you believe God contracted Abraham Covenant, all these children, Ishmael, Isaac, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak and Shuah, each inherit the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God), to become nations of people too numerous to count.

Abraham fathered Isaac, fathered Esau and Jacob. Esau is the first-born to inherit the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

Jacob stole Esau's birthright, which broke Abraham/Isaac/Esau "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God). Now the "Abraham Contract" needed to be revised, just as a contract today would require a revision if another person wanted to assume the original person's contract terms, because the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God), did not include an "assignment clause".

About 1881 B.C., Jacob fought for Esau's birthright. Wrestling an angel for it, Jacob's name was changed from Jacob to Israel (to serve with God), known today as "Jacob/Israel." This is where the name "Israel" first originated.

About 1881 B.C., all "Hebrew" people are now known as "Israelites" or "Israel."

The name "Israel," relates only to Jacob, because this is where the name Israel originated.

Jacob/Israel fathered 12 sons, known as "12 tribes of Israel." Jacob's 4th son is Judah, Jesus' seed is from Judah. Jew is a slang for Judah. Judah is father of Judaism, the Jewish people, and the seed of Jesus.

About 931 B.C., death of King Solomon, the one nation Israel divided into two nations: "House of Israel" in the north, and smaller "House of Judah" Jerusalem in the south.

The tribe of Benjamin, Judah, and half the tribe of Levi, remained in the "House of Judah," the new southern Kingdom. Judah was no longer referred to as Israel from this point on in Scripture.

The final reason God divorced only House of Israel and not her sister House of Judah
745 A.D, northern kingdom "House of Israel" under Jeroboam II, King of Israel,, "Israelites" murdered God's prophet Amos, who lived in the southern kingdom "House of Judah". (Amos 7:12)

"How did Amos die" google it!
Now who and when do you suppose murdered Amos?

This crime broke God's "2000 B.C. Abraham Covenant" (contract with God). Jacob/Israel, this is a very serious high crime offense, to be killing God's prophet.

God DIVORCED "House of Israel" (for murdering Prophet Amos), God gave
a bill of divorce to "House of Israel", but not her sister "House of Judah," (Jer 3:8).

NOTE: Jesus said, "I came only for the lost sheep House of Israel." (Mat 15:24)

722 B.C, Assyrians attacked and deported relocating the northern 10 tribes "House of Israel" population, (23 years after Prophet Amos murder).

Today we do not know where either "House of Israel" or the "lost 10 tribes" are.

We do know who and where "House of Judah" the Jewsish people are today. House of Judah, has taken the name "Israel" known as the "Sate of Israel." However, this explain where the "house of Israel" is today.

600 B.C., Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar, attacked Jerusalem "House of Judah" taking "30,000 elite governing Judahites" (Jewish) as prisoners to Babylon prisons. The remaining Jewish population were not taken, they remained in Judah to care for the land, so Babylon could collect taxes from them.

continued right column...

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Jerome loved boys, Roman society
had no age limit, i.e. Mother Mary
age 12 is pregnant with Jesus.

Pope Francis said:
"I don't expect to be Pope
much longer!
google it!
...continued from first column

Prophet Jerimiah, directed the elite Jewish government inprisoned in Babylon, to write down the Old Testament for us today. (Jer 36:28)

Judaism has always remained historically rich in religion, because the Jewish elite have recorded the Old Testament information to this day for us to study!.

State of Israel, Jerusalem, is the location to ancient Judah's allotted inheritance, from "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

Judah must be the the root of Christianity, because Jesus ancestry is from Judah. And both Israel-Judah is connected with Islam because Muslim people also inherit "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

These three religions, Judism, Christainity, and Islam, each believe they are the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

Today State of Israel, is the home of the world’s three largest religions, Judaism inherited Temple site, Christianity Jesus, and Islam Dome of the Rock.

These three religions have differing beliefs that bring very different opinions whom is "correct with God of Abraham."

The "Abraham religion" is the source of wars and disputes throughout history, i.e. World War II antisemitism, derives from Christianity Pope Paul IV, year 1555, created Roman Jewish ghettos, requiring Jews to wear yellow badges, to work without compensation, condemning Jews to abject misery, just like Hitler did.

State of Israel, today refers itself as a Jewish nation of the Jewish faith.

1946, State of Israel, as a Jewish nation should be titled "Judah," not "Israel", because State of Israel today does not claim neither northern kingdom "House of Israel," nor claim to be the "lost ten tribes." Just as House of Judah was not recognized with northern kingdom "House of Israel" before they separated into two nations. In 700 B.C. State of Israel today, was known as "House of Judah" or "Judah".

All religions teach, "to be God fearing and peaceful." But on the other hand, if you don't agree with me, then I will burn you at the stake for "heresy," i.e. William Tyndale was burned at the stake "public humiliation," because Tyndale translated the Latin Bible into English, his crime didn't agree with the Pope. So to teach Tyndal to be "God fearing," required a "Church," to teach William Tyndale, what to fear in order to be "God Fearing."

For 2000 years, Catholic Christianity has killed anyone for "heresy," (not agreeing with Catholic Christianity Church doctrine).

330 A.D., Christian Constantine, killed non-Catholic believers in Egypt (Arius) and ORDERED burning all his books, and Constantine also killed non-Catholic believers in Lygos, as he changed Lygos name into Constantinople, because Catholic Church of Rome was the, "Universal Roman State Religion."

Islam has had no other choice but to protect themselves from Catholic Christianity Crusades. Did Muhammad in 600 A.D. foresee this dilemma in the future?

Muslim Isis, beheads people for not being Muslim. And Isis disciplines Muslims for not agreeing with Isis Muslim religion.

Jewish State of Israel, has taken by force, land and houses from Palestine Muslim people, because that land historically belongs to Judah. But State of Israel boundaries today is larger than the allotted boundry House of Judah inheritance, according to ancient King David Israel maps.

Judah\'s inheritance is Judah on the map, it is not Naphtalie at the Sea of Galilee. Ancient maps show "12 Tribe Israel" inheritance. Judah or State of Israel now occupies all 12 tribe territory.

Jewish history is not allowed peace. Since House of Israel separated from Judah after King Solomon passing. Judah and Israel were in constant war.

After the dispersion of northern kingdom "House of Israel," Jews have been in the middle of constant war.

Historically Christianity punished Jews for killing Jesus, and causing economic war.

Jewish nation today refers to themselves as State of Israel however is a secular in comparison to its early history.

Today Christians, around the world look to protect State of Israel, because Judah is the beginning of Christianity; a time of preparation leading to Jesus Christ. To Christians today, Jews as the "House Israel," and are "God's chosen people."

State of Israel, protects itself through a series of allied nations around the world, supporting Judah financially.

Islam originated from Mecca and Medina at the start of the 7th century CE, approximately 600 years after Jesus Christ.

Reading the Koran, it's obvious Islam Muslim religion began out of disperation to protect themselves from both "Jews" and "Christians" which was the Catholic Church because Catholic were the only "Christian Church" in 600 A.D..

Catholic Christians at the Crusades killed only Muslims. That is why Islam religion began, to protect themselves from Christians.

Since 1946, violence has led to bitterness between Jews and Muslims. Because Muslim's dominated House of Israel and House of Judah territories, i.e. erecting the Islamic shrine, Dome of the Rock in 692 A.D.

Much of the Islamic world today would love to see the State of Israel destroyed and the land it occupies given to the Muslim people, namely the Palestinians.

Muslim's can be radical and aggressive toward State of Israel, and Christian nations defending State of Israel. And State of Israel, too can be radical and aggressive as well towards Islam.

Christians can be radical and aggressive toward both Jews and Muslims, because, they are not Christians, they are falling short of being saved by Jesus Christ.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam conflicts do not promote that they are all each the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God), that all religions believe in.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, conflicts, can only be resolved by reaching agreement to the conflict, that all three are the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God), that all religions believe in.

have an inheritance
Tthrough Abraham-Ishmael, prophesized through Isaiah 21:7.

Jesus did not come for Muslims, because God did not divorce Muslims from the contract with Abraham-Ishmael. (Jer 3:8) God divorced only "House of Israel", Muslim's do not need to be saved by Jesus, because Jesus did not come for Islam people. (Mat 15:24). Jesus came ONY for "Huse of Israel", therefore all Muslims have always retained their "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God), to enjoy Islam as a peaceful people, with the other religions inheriting the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God) too.

Jewish Judah has an inheritance through Abraham-Isaac, prophesized (Matt 15:24) Jesus said, he did not come for the "House of Judah." Because God did not divorce "House of Judah" (sister Judah) (Jer 3:8) from the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

Jesus came from the
"House of Judah"
Judahites do not need to be saved by Jesus, because Jesus did not need to come for the House of Judah. Because God did not divorce Juda. (Jer 3:8)

Therefore all Jewish people deserve their "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God) inheritance, to enjoy Judaism as a peaceful people, respecting all other religions that also inherit the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God).

Christian's have an inheritance through the Abraham-Isaac-Jacob/Israel. Christians can only be saved through Jesus Christ, because Jesus said He came only for Jacob's lost sheep, "House of Israel" (Mat 15:24).

God divorced only Jacob's "House of Israel" (Jer (Jer 3:8). "House of Israel" has a 3900 year prison sentence, because they killed Prophet Amos, when Ahab and Jezebel ruled northern kingdom Israel (House of Israel). (See ancient picture Ahab praying to Assyria King, LostScripture

This "3900 prison sentence" is an exile, the start date is when Jacob's name was changed to Israel (to serve with God).

(Ezekiel 4:4) prophesizes House of Israel "prison sentence" exile time period is 390 years X 10 (tribes) = 3900 years total. Starting at Jacob's name change was the beginning of the agreement contract with God. This is a new contract (covenant with God, because Jacob changed the "2000 B.C. Abraham (dust of the earth) Covenant" (contract with God), from Esau to himself.

(Jer 3:8)
God divorced
"House of Israel"
not her sister
"House of Judah"
Sameria - Dor
"House of Israel"
forced relocation
722 BC
God! Divorced Israel google it!
not her sister Judah (Jer 3:8)

See above map, my city Dor is part of the "House of Israel" (Samaria), and is a separate nation from her sister "House of Judah". NOTE: (Israel is indicated green, Judah is indicated yellow).
Israel Deportation 700 BC
"Assyrian Dispersion"
"Jerusalem Siege" "Judah Captivity"
"Jewish Exile"
601 to 585 B.C. King Nebuchadnezzar, the Chaldean Babylon Empire (131 years after Israel is deported), conquered "House of Judah" the Jewish Jerusalem Temple (not "House of Israel" my city of Dor). took 30,000 elite Jewish government officials as prisoners to Babylon. 40 years later Judah King was returned to the Kings table. And as prophesized, 70 years later 515 BC the Temple was rebuilt.

Bible says:
Babylon King Nebuchadnezzar, destroyed the first temple, he took all the booty but did not find the Arc of Covenant. He took 30,000 elite Judaists (Jews) to Babylon for reeducation, leaving the poor Jews behind to tend the land so they could pay taxes (tribute) to Babylon.
40 years later Babylon freed King of Judah from prison to the Kings table.

515 BC
(70 years after Temple distruction) Cyrus King of Persia. issued an edict reinstated Babylon Jewish residents, completed building the Second Temple.
These reliefs picture non-Jewish "House of Israel" and my city Dor, being deported by the Assyrians, to intimidate House of Israel to cooperate, they were impaled through their rectum or vagina. True story, it gets worse. google it!

Between 733 thru 700 BC, Assyrian Kings, captured my city Dor, with the entire non-Jewish "House of Israel" kingdom including Samaria, 30 million non-Jewish Israelites were deported, Assyrians resettling them in other Assyrian lands.

King Sargon II of Assyria, auctioned the vacant "House of Israel" real estate to foreigners highest bidders, willing to both buy House of Israel real estate and pay taxes (tribute) to Assyria, i.e. King Sargon II.

"House of Israel" had both greater amount of land, connected wealthy sea coast, and a much larger population than the souther Jewish "House of Judah" kingdom. It would be like comparing United States to State of Israeli today, US is much wealthier, larger populated, militarily superior, etc., etc..

This virtual destruction of "House of Israel" left the southern Jewish kingdom, "House of Judah", Jerusalem to fend for itself.

The foreigners who replaced "House of Israel" kindom were foreigners cashing in buying "House of Israel" real-estate bargain sale prices..

Assyrian-style architectural elements and an assemblage of Assyrian-style cylinder seals, were found in Gezer, Hadid, and my city Dor.

Archaeologists found Assyrian style clay tablets in Gezer, Hadid, and my city Dor dealing with land sales in the mid-seventh century B.C.. The individuals mentioned, 12 bear Mesopotamian names, five are probable Aramaic names, one Egyptian and one had a Yahwistic name: Netanyahu.

"House of Israel" Ephraim "Gezer", and my city Dor, were major "House of Israel" centers, located 22 miles Northeast "House of Judah" Jerusalem.

Gezer, Hadid, and my city Dor were conquered by Assyrian Tiglath-Pileser III in 734 B.C.E, House of Israel deportations began, and rebuilt by the new immigrants, who worshipped both their gods (Moon god Sin) and the God of the land "Yahweh" God.

733 - 700 BC
Assyria is NOT Chaldean Babylon Empire King Nebuchadnezzar
google it!
King returned King Judah
to Kings table
House of Israel
True Story! google it!
The Zeus Eagle google it!
131 years after Israel deported,
Chaldean Babylon Empire
Nebuchadnezzar captures
House of Judah "Babylon Exile"
733 - 700 BC
For 33 years Assyria deported "House of Israel", and my city Dor, removing 30 million non-Jewish Israelites, impaling and filleting them when they refused
733 BC King Tiglath-Pileser III, Assyria conquered Dor, Northern Kingdom House of Israel (Samaria), and began deporting everyone, per Assyrian custom.
722 BC Assyrian
King Sargon II
deported House of Israel, using public humiliation tactics, impaling, quartering, filleting, and using fish hooks to lead inhabitants out as pictured below.
Ben Franklyn said Eagles eat other birds food, shouldn't be a national bird.
google it!

Trojan-Greek-Roman Eagles
collected taxes (tribute)
There was a sales tax paid up to 45%, because tax collectors were on the take, they contracted with the eagle. Taxes could be paid in any form. If you didn't pay tax collector, that Empire Eagle came to loot your booty, real estate, take your family as ready made slaves, etc, etc... Great get rich quick scheme at your expense.
Bible is
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What happened to my city Dor?
You do not the grisly Assyrian torture and death brought upon my city of Dor. Your Bible Atlas skips (or provides very little info) the House of Israel "Assyrian Deportation" is also confused as the "Babylon Juwish Exile", see your Atlas.
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Great Pope Gregory,
said Mary Magdalene is a prostitute.
1969 Pope Paul VI, said Mary's not.
Internet says she's a reformed Prostitute! google it!
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The "Israelite," will not know whom they are in the last days. (Deuteronomy 32:26)
Jews know who they are today.
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