LostScripture 2
Holy Bible
must include LostScripture

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Must Read or miss "real time" LostScripture.
For everyone, general readers, Christian students, scholars, seminaries.

*Never published before, no Lost Scripture type Bible has ever been structured before. You can surf web for Lost Scrolls. Don't get confused, i.e. there's three (3) fragments Apostle Mary of Magdalene, 2-Coptic, 1-Greek. The owners of these fragments don't promote each other.

*PERFECT TRANSLATION Lost Scripture, translated from original Greek and Coptic, exact interlinear word for word, i.e. Greek, John 19:24 "They said therefore to one another Not let us tear up it but let us cast lots for it...". No copyright infringement, author re-translated word for word NT Bible, and all Lost Scripture.

Perfect Parallel Companion
to your New Testament Bible.

Competing Titles: Nothing can compare, LSB version only compliments: "Lost Scrolls", "Dead Sea Scrolls", "Bible", "Apocrypha", and New Testament Bible."

Constantine: killed burned "Christians"
Catholic: killed burned "Christians"
Church: shuns "LostScripture"

Preserve Lost Scripture or lose it!
Lost Scripture is found in caves, graves, and ancient garbage dumps, i.e. Dead Sea Scrolls, are deteriorating now fast is in tiny fragments to piece together first before translating. We must translate now before completely disintegrated and lost forever.

NEW LostScripture
Holy Bible
Translator-Author-Pastor John Baptist
Apostle Mary Magdalene Church
Estimated word count: 244,444

Support your Scribe!
Prove who wrote Gospel John.
google it!
"Church don't know who wrote 1/2 NT Bible," Gospels Mark, John, John 1,2,3, Hebrews, Jude, Revelation. How can Protestant Reformation know, if you don't?

Lost Scripture Holy Bible
Table of Contents:
Incorporates both Lost Scripture,
and your NT "Table of Contents" structure.

Matthew .................Luke
Mark ......................1 Thessalonians
John .......................2 Thessalonians
Peter ......................1 Timothy
Thomas ..................2 Timothy
Mary ..................... Titus
Nicodemus .............Apocalypse Of Pope Peter
Philip .....................2nd Apocalypse Of Peter
Acts .......................1 Peter
Romans .................2 Peter
1 Corinthians ..........1 John
2 Corinthians ..........2 John
Galatians ............... 3 John
Ephesians .............. Jude
Philippians ..............Revelation
Colossians ............. Judas

COMPARE....Catholic NT to:
*KJV Bible
New Testament ..."Table of contents"
Matthew ....................1 Timothy
Mark .........................2 Timothy
Luke .........................Titus
John .........................Philemon
Acts .........................Hebrews
Romans ...................James
1 Corinthians ...........1 Peter
2 Corinthians ...........2 Peter
Galatians ................1 John
Ephesians ...............2 John
Philippians ..............3 John
Colossians ..............Jude
1 Thessalonians ......Revelation
2 Thessalonians

KJV is EXACT same Catholic STRUCTURE. Why?

Protestant NT Bible versions "Table of Contents" structure, copycat Catholic NT Bible structure, exact! Proves Catholic Bible is The Whore of Rev 17:18, "woman whom you saw is the city great, having a kingdom (Church) over the kings (nations) of the earth." If true, whom is her prostitutes?

No New Testament Bible existed, before Emperor Constantine 325 A.D. council of Nicaea. Constantine pre-ordered 50 "Bibles" at the 325 A.D. council of Nicaea. Why?

Constantine paid all Bishops & 5-friends each, FREE 30 day, all expense paid travel/lodging to his 325 A.D. council of Nicaea. Why? Requirement was to print a "Bible", the "Codex Vaticanus", known today as "Catholic Bible" (Cannon).

Catholic Eusebius, cherry-picked which Jesus Apostles would be included in the Catholic NT Bible "Table of Contents" structure for Constantine @325 A.D. council of Nicaea.

Compare "Codex Vaticanus" to "Catholic Bible", they're same content and structure!

LostScripture.com Holy Bible is updated as new Lost Scripture is discovered, it is a continued "work in progress", locating and translating never before seen Lost Scripture.

LostScriptureBible is translated word for word exact from original languages Greek and Coptic. NOTE: Requires practice reading, because amplified can only be translator opinion, it is best to keep the original wording exact as possible.

Jesus carefully chose 12 Apostles, Jesus had 1000's followers, but He searched 12 Apostles. Only 2 Apostles he chose are in your NT Bible. Because Catholic Eusebius included only 2 Apostles. NOTE: Paul did not wittiness Jesus resurrection which cannot make Paul one of Jesus 12 chosen Apostles.

Both Catholic and Protestant today, report the reasoning is because the other 10 Apostles were illiterate, they could not write.

But now today we find Jesus Apostles Lost Gospel's hidden in caves, graves, and acient gardbage dumps. Today Churches report found Lost Scripture are forgeries, fake news (heresy) because they are dated late after 331 A.D..

The reason Lost Scripture is late dating, is because we are only finding what was thrown out hidden in about 331 AD, after Constantine ordered all Lost Scripture to be burned under penalty of capital death punishment.

NOTE: There are no NT Bible fragments found dating before 331 AD to prove earlier dating either. The Catholic Church reports earlier dating for NT Scripture, however there are no fragments to prove it. We only take the Catholic Church scholars word for it.

Why are 10 Jesus' Apostles not included in Holy Bible?
Read Jesus' disciple Gospels, Gospel Thomas, and Gospel Peter. If they were included, Mary Magdalene would be your Pope! Read and you also know what Catholic heresy was defined as.

If Catholic Church did include Lost Scripture, that would prevent both Constantine being one universal emperor, and the Pope from being one universal religious ruler.

Constantine needed one universal Church to unite his universal Roman empire. PROOF! Who gave Rome to the Catholic Church?

If Constantine wrote good things about his enemies, then Constantine could not achieve his one universal Roman Emperor Empire, it would simply be still divided-up as the Roman empire was before Constantine became emperor. Constantine needed one universal Church to unite his Roman empire.

If Catholic Church included all Jesus' Dicsiples then Mary Magdaline would be Pope. Catholic Church needed to submit to Constantine, providing Constantine a one universal Church for the one universal Roman emperor.
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LostScripture.com HolyBible
Ezekiel 4:4 Laying Prophecy
The Lost Gospel of Peter
The Apocalypse Of Peter
2nd Apocalypse Of Peter
Saint Malachy Prophecy!
Saint Francis Prophecy
Gospel of Jesus' Wife
Gospel of Nicodemus
Gospel Nathanael
Gospel of Thomas
Christian Israelite
Gospel Of Philip

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To Know End:
1. Why? Jesus died!
2. Who is Mary Magdalene?
3. Where is House Israel today?

Lost Scripture is Daniel 7: Prophecy:
"in end times people will be rushing to and fro". What do you do in your car on the freeway? And "knowledge will be increased". Besides internet we have Lost Scripture knowledge now being discovered and translated, that we did not have 150 years ago

Today we're discovering Lost Scripture
in caves, graves, monasteries, and ancient garbage dumps, Scripture not in NT Bible Table of Contents. Why?

LostScripture.com is found in and around Alexandria Egypt, dating to and before 325 A.D. Church's today report Lost Scripture, late dating, suggesting Lost Scripture is dated too far after the Four Gospels are dated from about 150 A.D..

Constantine 331 AD, ordered all Lost Scripture burned, under the penalty of capital death punishment. If found in your home, your entire family were put to death. Constantine also order all non-Catholic Church's to be forfeited to the Catholic Church of Rome. This is why Lost Scripture is dated after 331 AD.

PROOF! Why and who donated Rome to Catholic Church? google it!

Emperor Constantine, 325 A.D., together with Catholic Eusebius, cherry-picked which Jesus Apostles and Scripture would be included in your NT Bible, and what would be excluded as "heresy". Catholic goal today and then is one universal Church Pope head, and Emperor Constantine, obviously had a one Roman empire universal head too.

Catholic Eusebius, did not write Bible, Eusebius only structured the NT Table of Contents, cherry-picking which books to include in the Holy Bible table cntents, and which books to exclude.

Catholic Church did you a huge favour, keeping half the NT Scripture safe and whole for 2000 years!

Daniel 7: "knowledge increased" (Lost Scripture) you can now read Lost Scripture and know the other half of the Bible story that Eusbius excluded from Holy Bible table of contents, you can now know exactly what Catholic "heresy" means! And exactly why Catholic excluded the Gospel of Peter (the first Pope!)

Books today don't last 300 years, 325 years is a long time, the only reason Lost Scripture has survived, is because of the hot dry desert climate condition, stored and covered from the sun has enabled Lost Scripture to survive 2000 years. If used out of desert storage, Lost Scripture would deteriorate just a like a book today last only so long out of storage.

Lost Scripture was hand copied, it was necessary to re-write scrolls and books copying the last original by hand there were no printing press invented yet.

Lsu Scripture was kept in a home (Church), i.e. if your Church did not like certain Apostle writings, then that Apostle's Scroll wouldn't be available in your Church. Today too, if your Church does not approve LostScripture Holy Bible, then Lost Scripture is not included in your Church information, because your Church explains all Lost Scripture is heresy, not to be read, and you probably go to hell if you do.

The rest of the story!
Egypt @325 A.D., there was a large population of people, over 10 million Christians. There was a powerful Church leader named Arias, he refused to agree with Catholic Eusebius and Constantine 325 A.D. council of Nicaea, so in 336 A.D. Arias was murdered by poison in Constantinople.

Constantine is Catholic Church murdered Bishop Arias:
Immediately after Arias death, Emperor Constantine ordered by edict, "if any writing composed by Arius should be found, it should be handed over to the flames, so that not only will the wickedness of his teaching be obliterated, but nothing will be left even to remind anyone of him. And I hereby make a public order, that if someone should be discovered to have hidden a writing composed by Arius, and not to have immediately brought it forward and destroyed it by fire, his penalty shall be death. As soon as he is discovered in this offence, he shall be submitted for capital punishment. ..." end quote!

WIN! $2000
What were Arias writings to be burned?

Law abiding citizens @325 A.D., buried scrolls in graves, can't kill the dead twice can you? Hid scrolls in caves, and throwing scrolls out in their local garbage. Thus today we're finding that Lost Scripture, stashed and trashed about 336 A.D.

PROOF! Bible is real:
Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical archeology digs, both verify Old Testament events true.
NT is missing information to prove God real,
Church say, "you need faith".
SEE Rev 7: Are you one of 144,000 sealed?
Text me! 206-664-1945

Dumbest POPE quote:
Catholic 600 A.D. said:
Mary Magdalen is a repentant whore. 1000
years later 1969 Pope said "sorry not true ".

But still Mary is known as a repentant
prostitute. Why? google it!

Catholic Church says:
"Apostle Peter put Mary Magdalene in a
rudderless boat, Mary drifted to southern
France, where she lived in a cave and
angles fed her and she died."
True Story, google it!

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