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VA reports Veteran's die of suicide each day
"Real Life Ministries", 1860 N. Cecil Road Post Falls, ID 83854 (208) 777-7325. falls-megachurc/ By Scott Maben / 509-459-5403

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Justin, available to interview, (Sgt. Belieu step son), please contact Pastor Frank first 206-664-1945
Mrs. Jan Belieu obituary, Justine's biological Mom elieu/2695467/index.php
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Under that Church Cross he chose to end his life
I could have stopped it!
Sgt. Dale Leon Belieu, self-inflicted gunshot, and his wife, double suicides. Police negotiated 4 hours. I was 30 minutes away, but no one knew me to call me. google it!

After life plan "Dr. Motto, approach," google it!
only guarantee to STOP SUICIDE.

Whatever we're doing today really isn't stopping SUICIDE, is it? is the magic pill that stops 22 Vet suicides each day!

President Trump reports, VA does not know where 14% Veterans are, "they just went Poof Gone," said VA. gofundme SHARE VET, or call direct 206-664-1945 now to find our Lost Vets before their SUICIDE. If you don't, 20 Vets will die everyday, until you do!

Veteran-Wife SUICIDE isn't interred
Idaho - August 19, 2016, Jan Belieu, (age 57) a licensed practical nurse and spouse of the late Sgt. Dale Leon Belieu (age 59), over-dosed from prescribed medication. But she was not reported as a suicide. Her husband was medically discharged after the Gulf War, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after Jan's unreported suicide. Before he died, he said to his son, "time to go see Mom." interviewed this Veteran's family, still in shock, scared, disappointed, and confused without any afterlife plan to follow. Distraught with burial costs and other estate matters, because Mom didn't make afterlife plans, mom's ashes were taken and have yet to be interred. Why not? The Veteran's Affairs Department provides a cemetery plot and monument. reached out to Real Life Ministries Church, where our Sgt. Dale Leon Belieu, 11/06/2016 Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot took place. But have not heard back. Had this Church done its due diligence, afterlife plans would have been made, or at least the plan for interment would have been established. It wasn't.

Pre-planning says you did everything possible. If you don't make your afterlife plans, the law says your family is responsible for your funeral home cost and decisions.

"statistics prove writing an afterlife plan halts suicide epidemic"
Eben Alexander, MD, explains: "...suicide deaths are largely the result of the spiritual vacuum in our secular culture. ...The guiding compass of our soul journeys is one that acknowledges the binding force of love (afterlife) that connects us all. with the big challenges in this lifetime, never resorting to suicide as an exit plan".
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Psychologist's PROVE IT!
Statistics prove an afterlife plan stops suicide behavorial. Psychologist proved writing prevents suicide, "Dr. Motto method." google it!
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